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Develop your fitness 먹튀검증사이트 reserves


Nick Grantham

Performance Enhancement Specialist -

Why do most athletes fail to hit their performance
goals? Lack of continuity in their training. It seems that many
prove incapable of sticking to a plan and prefer the “freestyle”
approach 먹튀사이트.

Training continuity is like depositing money into a
piggy bank. If I deposit ten dollars every day for sixty days, I’ll
have six hundred dollars, right? But if I’m a bit inconsistent
and only manage to make deposits on thirty of those days, I’ll
only have three hundred dollars. Developing a regular training
history is going to result in a larger account. It helps you
develop your fitness reserves. Developing a good history
stands you in good stead for unforeseen time away, maybe due
to injury, a holiday, or in preparation for a major competition.
Unlike the person who’s only built up half a store of fitness
reserves, you’ll have a full account. You’ll be able to afford
making withdrawals without going into debt.

Your success or failure as an athlete is dependent on
your ability to consistently respect your training plan over an
extended period of time. Three weeks of training never made a

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Are you prepared to build up your training account
before making withdrawals?

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coach? Are you setting that example for your athletes?